About Us

Naturedigger was formed with one primary purpose in mind: to make nature cool. Nature is cool, but not everyone knows it yet. Our mission is to produce applications, e-books, and web content for the general public as well as focus on educating kids grades 6-12.

We have a practical approach to nature, which includes high quality photographs and complete, sometimes silly explanations of what you see in them! We hope our enthusiasm and love of the natural world will be contagious and force more of those non-nature lovers outdoors, and even give those who "like nature, but don't want to get any on them" a little nudge. You know who you are…

If we are successful in piquing the interest of even a small number of adults and kids, and that interest in turn is passed on, then we can truly call ourselves successful.

Our website is ever changing, so check back with us often to see what new photos and interesting information we post! We would love to hear from you and maybe even post some of your amazing photos in our "Photodigger or Zen Galleries."